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Water Drops

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Car Interior

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Mid-size SUV
Small Truck

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Full size SUV
Full size Truck

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  • Pre-wash inspection

  • Full deep clean of wheels and tires including wheel wells​​

  • Full exterior hand wash, with foam bath and complete hand dry.

  • 3-5 month spray paint sealant applied to increase shine and help with water beading

  • Shining of tires

  • Full interior vacuum including trunk

  • Minor pet hair removal

    • excessive pet hair is extra​

  • Minor stain removal

    • excessive stains are extra​

  • Wipe down of seats to remove dust and debris​

  • Cleaning all panels of interior ​​

  • Door jambs wiped clean 

  • Windows cleaned inside and out

Add-on services:

  • Stain extraction (starting at $50)

  • Excessive pet hair removal (starting at $50)

  • 1 step paint enhancement (starting at $200)

    • includes full paint decontamination​

    • clay bar of entire car

    • single step paint enhancement to remove 35-60% of swirls 

    • paint sealant applied 6-10 months of protection 

  • Leather seat conditioning (starting at $15)

  • Engine bay cleaning (starting at $20)

  • Headlight polishing (starting at $40 per set)

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